The Lands of Hope

The Lands of Hope is classified as an MMORPG which is a modern type of online game and it was developed by a man named Daniel Paull. The first release of the online game was on the exact date of July 25, 2005. During that time, the game was only limited in personal computers and OnRPG. The game can be played by several individuals due to its multiplayer options. And many people admired its features because of its amazing fantasy MMORPG genre. In its first five months in the online gaming industry, it has successfully gained impressive feedbacks and reviews from those people who tried to use it.
Itís easy to play the Lands of Hope. However, the players must discover first its game story to understand the flow of missions in its gaming platform. According to those individuals who have already tried to play this online game before, there are three kinds of factions in its interface where the players can build their own teams while competing with the other groups. Such factions are the Society, Reapers and Exiles. The game story starts at the period wherein the Society faction decided to overthrow the King who leads the Exile faction. The main goal of the players in this online game is to restore the Exile faction and to oppose the plans of the Society and Reapers as strong enemies.
The Lands of Hope is not totally different from the other kinds of online games that are present in the internet at the present time. The players can use several items in its gaming platform to improve the performance, strength, agility and defense of their characters. But, the type of items that each player can purchase in the interface of its online game will depend on the professions that their characters have.
The Lands of Hope is an exciting MMORPG game where the players can choose their own characters from the list of fifteen professions in its gaming platform. Each profession has a specific mission and set of skills to use in battles and special tasks. Nine out of fifteen professions in this online game are free and highly accessible for all of the players who want to try all the features and missions that are available in its interface. And the remaining six professions can only be opened by the players in exchange for a certain amount of money.
The paid professions in the Lands of Hope are the most powerful characters that the players can use while competing with the other players. But these powerful professions can be defeated also without of ordinary professions if the players know how to select the items and skills to provide to their own characters. The shops are well distributed in the different parts of the game map. This online game has a point-and-click interface which makes it one of the most enjoyable online games to play in the internet before and even at the present time. The first release of its mobile version was on September 2010.

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